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    Today, I want to tell you: to protect the animals from me.

    China's statistics, the panda only a few thousand head, Zhu only a dozen, South China tigers and tigers are only dozens of head. Previously, because a large number of human hunting wolf, wolf almost extinct, and later, to the introduction of some foreign, the number of wolves was able to grow.

    We create high-tech human beings, to provide us with a convenient, good life so that we live comfortably. But we can know that a lot of things are cut down trees, many living in the tree animals were forced to leave their hometown. Why in the city can not see squirrels, crows, sparrows, swallows ... ... because of human greed, vicious, and poor quality, so that animals again and again to the end of life.

    In the circus, an elephant was caught at a very young age, and its mother died in order to protect it. How many years have passed, elephant grow up, remember that scene, in the unbearable point, the staff trampled to death. A lion can not stand the pain of the show, out of the circus, in a family will be a pair of mother and daughter bite into serious injuries.

    According to our reports, animal injuries a lot of things. For example: you killed a snake in the mountains, there will be a lot of snakes to attack you, they are also affectionate.

    Everyone to protect animals together! The The Let the animal happy life, let mankind have a harmonious big home!


    This day, it is the 6th birthday of the white rabbit, it invited some of the animals in the forest, there are lovely bears, honest goats, smart white rabbits, reformed fox ... ... they are open birthday it? In the recommendations of the fox, they are around the white rabbit, singing the birthday song, finished, the white rabbit ready to send the birthday cake cake to everyone to eat. Flapping, flap, suddenly a few guns, a tragedy occurred, small squirrels, small foxes, small goats and bear have fallen, and only the white rabbit was surrounded in the middle, it reflects the express, Quickly hid in the bushes. White Rabbit Cry not timed, they heard the dialogue between the two hunters: "Brother, today harvest a lot of Well, you see, and caught four animals, and unfortunately, let the little rabbit to slip away." Another Said: "We have today caught a total of 10 squirrels, five foxes, a bear, six goats, eight pheasants, and five hares, take these to sell, certainly worth a lot of money. White rabbit heard, angrily said to himself: "human really unreasonable, so you rush to kill, let us how to survive it? No, I have to inform other animals to move quickly." Little rabbit all the way to escape, finally come To the door of the wolf, I saw the door open, but did not see Mr. Wolf, the ground there are some blood, it knows the wolf was also unfortunate.

    At this time, the white rabbit a loss, it sadly cried and said: "Now, some animals have been extinct, you destroy the ecological balance, in fact, shorten their lives." At this time, a Little angel came to the white rabbit side, she comforted the white rabbit said: "small rabbit, please do not be sad, and now the state has been intensified, forbidding people to kill wild animals, and in many forest areas established natural Protected areas, I believe in the near future, mankind will also you a beautiful home. "After listening to the words of the little angel, the white rabbit said comfortably:" hey, I had to hide and look forward to the day come.

    Yes! Protect wildlife, build more nature reserves, maintain ecological balance, and delay!


    Although people now say to protect animals, but there are a lot of stubborn people do not listen, continue to kill animals, humans take animals to watch, sell money, make coat with skins ... ... but you have not thought, if you Is an animal, but was the human hunting, how would you think, you are willing, you are willing to be hunted? You are absolutely unwilling, some people say: "I am not an animal." But you have not thought about animals will think? Now a large number of human hunting animals, animals will be willing? No, no, never. They do not want to die in the hands of mankind. Are they willing to be hunted by you? No, they have a thousand do not want, ten thousand do not want, one hundred million do not want to ... ...

    Some people know how to love animals, but they will only hypocritically to educate others, but they still undermine the environment, still excited to taste the game. Take the Dodo living on the Indian Ocean Mauritius Islands, because of its very delicious meat, so was a large number of human predation, in the seventeenth century had been extinct. But if people have awareness of animal protection, then it will not cause the extinction of Dodo.

    There are whales, whales are not let you free to kill, the whale is killed one to die one, unlike the small fish shrimp as much, if we kill the whale, then our future generations, they are not see To whales this kind of animal?

    Now, some animals have been extinct, although the crocodile ferocious, but more ferocious human beings. It is because some animals have prominent economic value of the organ, which has become the object of human predatory use, become the main factor of animal extinction. Crocodile with sharp teeth, and huge food appetite, we all say crocodile terrible, but the crocodile is more afraid of human beings, in the eyes of mankind, crocodile skin can be made suitcase, handbags, wallets, shoes and other items, so crocodile, It is now an animal that is about to be extinct.

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