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    Directions: you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay no less than 120 words on the following topic.

    Newspapers and magazines have special interest in the private lives of famous people.

    What can you explain it?

    What effect it will have on the people being exposed?

    And what is your opinion of it?


    In recent years, many newspapers and magazines focus on the activities of film stars, pop singers and some other famous men and women. Reporters disguise their identities, infiltrate the subject's business and family, or even bug and wiretap them——to get the news by whatever means are necessary.

    It is not difficult to explain the reason for their surprising amount of interest in famous people's lives. They are in the spotlight感恩母亲的作文, renowned or notorious, they are the topic of ordinary people who like to know everything about them. To satisfy their curiosity, or “the people's right to know”, journalists often find it their duty to report their activities.

    More over散文感恩母亲的作文, what matters to a newspaper or a magazine is the number of readers. A large readership means the rise in the circulation of their publications感恩母亲的作文, hence a huge profit. Since film stars and pop singers are newsworthy figures, and their stories draws far more attention than those of other people, it is natural that the press tries to attract them to buy their magazines by featuring private lives of famous people.

    How ever, those exposed people can be severely injured by such press attention. Sensational stories about their private lives cause great unhappiness to them. To escape reporters, they can't even lead a normal life. Sometimes their lives will be in danger. For example, Princess Diana died in a car accident as she attempted to escape photographers in a chase through Paris.

    Famous people are also citizens. They have the right to keep their own privacy like ordinary people——the basic right which should be respected, protected and guaranteed by our laws in whatever circumstances.

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