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    Do you know what kind of animal I like? Before publishing the answer, let's guess a riddle: what is white and white? Yes, it's a white rabbit! My grandmother had a family before! Now let me tell you a story about myself and the white rabbit.

    On Saturday morning, my parents and I came to my grandmother's house. At first, I didn't know that my grandmother had a small white rabbit. I affectionately called a grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt. My uncle, with a mysterious smile, said to me: Xiaoting, come here, my uncle will give you a surprise. Throughout the &; I was very excited and shouted: What is? What is! Throughout the &; Uncle said: “ Come with me. Throughout the &; I followed my uncle to the balcony, and as the steps approached, I saw a blue cage, and then I saw a regiment. Snowball & throughout; . Huh? What the hell is this? Out of curiosity, I poked at the little velvet ball, the little velvet ball moved, then the little head came out, and a pair of long ears. & ndash; A: wow! It was a little white rabbit! The little white rabbit had a pair of dark jewel-like eyes, long, soft ears, and a round little tail, which was very pleasing. I was so overjoyed that I couldn't describe it with words.

    I slowly approached the little white rabbit with my fingers. The little white rabbit sniffed my finger and then licked it with my mouth: it was warm and wet. It bit me with tiny teeth. Oh wow! Throughout the &; My mother heard the call and asked me: What's the matter? Throughout the &; I say in grievance: “ It bite me. Throughout the &; My mother smiled.

    Then suddenly I had the urge to feed the white rabbit. I ran into the kitchen, //www.t262.com/picpact with the little white rabbit cage, nose move move, apparently smell the fragrance. Then he lay in his cage, as if to say: “ Little master, I am hungry, you do not crave me! Give it to me! Throughout the &; I smiled to myself, handed the leaf to the rabbit, and saw it. Click and click. I ate the leaves and nearly got my hands. I couldn't help but feel inside myself: the rabbit is eating very fast!

    Later, as the little white rabbit grew up, the small cage could not accommodate the little white rabbit's plump body, and uncle had to give it to someone else.

    Some people like nice dogs, some people like small hamsters, but I like lively and lovely r







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